Prajit Datta | Chief Data Scientist Organization
Bank Of America Corporation | India

Prajit Datta, Chief Data Scientist Organization, Bank Of America Corporation

Prajit Datta specializes in the use of blockchain technology for enhancing security in the financial sector. His presentations and talks on scope and significance of artificial intelligence, data science, and blockchain technology have been well-received at several national and international forums. The Stanford Library has featured his research chapter on cloud gaming. He ranks under 100 of the numerous data science projects at Kaggle. Prajit has applied his entrepreneurial streak and product design capabilities in mentoring two startups, Proctur and Brandfirst. Watch Prajit's TEDx talk on the ways in which blockchain's smart contracts are revolutionizing trust.

Prajit has authored two books - '26 Jumpstraps' on entrepreneurial bootstrapping and 'Startup to Scaleup' on startup scaling. Running marathons and practicing yoga gives him the required strength and focus on living life to the fullest.


Seamless ME 2018 day 2 @ 12:00

PANEL: Blockchain and the banks: use cases

  •     Building new banking systems to reduce fraud
  •     Securing, storing, encrypting and verifying all records
  •     Developing compliance platforms and KYC processes 
  •     Reducing operational costs 
  •     Increasing the efficiency of compliance processes 
  •     Developing a closer relationship with the financial regulator
  •     Obstacles: privacy concerns, integration with legacy banking systems, regulatory uncertainty and scalability

Seamless ME 2018 day 2 @ 15:00

How will regulation impact blockchain development?

  • How to put together a regulatory framework for blockchain
  • When and how to regulate without stifling innovation
  • Shaping the laws for the transformative technology
  • Ensuring adequate regulation is required if business models are to be optimised
  • Making the various blockchain technologies compatible and ensuring their smooth interoperability

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