Pinaz Umrigar | Marketing Head
Jackys Electronics

Pinaz Umrigar, Marketing Head, Jackys Electronics

Started her career in Consulting and now 5 years later, heads ecommerce sales and marketing for Jacky’s Electronics, one of UAEs Power Retailers. Passionate about seamless omnichannel retailing with a keen eye for digital trends.


Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL: Data driven design: using creative design to elevate customer experience

  • Blending data and innovative tech to create the ideal customer experience
  • What does the ambient aisle look like?
  • Leveraging data-driven shelf optimisation
  • Capturing data with instore technology advancements: putting sensors in the forefront of your design
  • Big data and bigger retail data: identifying and utilising the data you already have
  • Measuring emotional responses and removing negative experiences
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last published: 25/Mar/19 06:06 GMT

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