Pablo Durante | Chief Marketing Officer
The Luxury Closet | United Arab Emirates

Pablo Durante, Chief Marketing Officer, The Luxury Closet

Pablo is a marketing leader with 13+ years of experience, mainly in digital & e-commerce (eBay). He has a solid knowledge of acquisition, retention & product marketing having covered positions in 10,000+ employees’ companies, as well as in early-stage start-ups. 
Pablo has worked, lived & learned cultures of 5 different countries, in 7 cities (Milan, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid and Dubai).


Seamless ME 2018 day 1 @ 14:20

PANEL Demystifying influencer marketing

  •     Connecting with Millennials and Generation Z who have specific interests, wants and needs 
  •     Giving your brand a voice across all channels: scaling your social media exposure 
  •     Delivering true, authentic engagement via real experiences
  •     Moving beyond vanity metrics: tracking performance and attributing sales  
  •     Viewing influencer marketing as a strategic pillar for your organisation: from content to customer retention to employee advocacy 

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