Nikolay Storonsky | Founder & CEO
Revolut | United Kingdom

Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO, Revolut

Nikolay Storonsky joined Lehman Brothers’ emerging markets trading desk in 2006. Following that, Nikolay spent five years as an equity derivatives trader at Credit Suisse. As a frequent traveller he began to notice he wasted hundred of pounds in exchange rate markups and fees. It no longer felt right and he knew there had to be a better way. Nikolay quit to start a Revolut.


Seamless ME 2018 day 2 @ 09:00

Keynote: Navigating the new API economy

  •     Promoting partnerships through APIs
  •     How to leverage open data platforms and vast data stores 
  •     Understanding the concept and mechanics of open banking 
  •     Innovating with APIs as a product to deliver a greater range of apps and services
  •     Allowing fintechs to build customised applications faster, quicker and more efficiently  
  •     Building the next generation of fintechs and deploying to a wide range of banks
  •     Understanding regulatory and cybersecurity burdens 

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