Neeraj Aggarwala | Co-Founder
Easypolicy | India

Neeraj Aggarwala, Co-Founder, Easypolicy

Neeraj kicked off Easypolicy when he was 24, out of his passion for the ultimate user experience. He has a discerning eye for UX and UI, along with a very strong belief in processes and blue-prints that standardize the highest level of service delivery. He has also been successful in radically 'gamifying' the sales environment by creating an automated level playing-field for the sales team where rewards and appraisals are instant, bringing transparency and stability along with boosting morale of the employees. Neeraj has played a pivotal role in establishing key processes in impact areas of the business namely – Product, Sales, Marketing and Operations. Moreover, he has led the technology team to churn out technological innovations that will change the way insurance is bought and serviced in India. 

Outside office, Neeraj dons the role of Poet and Singer for a Delhi-based progressive/alternative rock band called “Plok”.


Seamless ME 2018 day 2 @ 15:20

Does InsurTech mark the end of brokers?

  •     Using InsurTech for massive cost savers in claims, operations and customer acquisition
  •     Addressing privacy concerns of customers 
  •     Becoming present in the context of daily life, specific life events and decisions
  •     Offering new services on top of traditional products
  •     Anticipating the marketplace model finding its way to the insurance industry 
  •     Blockchain: coming out of the experimentation stage

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