Ibrahim Muhammad | Head Of Cards And E-Payments
Al Fardan Exchange

Ibrahim Muhammad, Head Of Cards And E-Payments, Al Fardan Exchange

A payments and cards specialist with 20+ years experience.  A PCIP, post graduate in Strategic Business IT, passionate and knowledgeable in remittances, prepaid cards and foreign exchange services. Currently exploring fintech, artificial intelligence and blockchain in finance.


Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL: Shaping the future payments experience with AI

  • Predicting behaviour and intuitively managing transaction timings
  • Offering timely and relevant offers to support consumer cashflow
  • Personalising services with psychographic algorithms
  • Improving retention, revenue and profitability
  • Amplifying CX with machine drive conversational capabilities
  • Leveraging transactions for customer centricity
  • Developing a interoperable AI network of the future
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