Florian Akinbiyi | Master of Ceremonies
Akinbiyi Group

Florian Akinbiyi, Master of Ceremonies, Akinbiyi Group

Flo Akinbiyi offers with his company Akinbiyi Group FZE a creative consulting company a variety of different services such as Experiential Marketing, Brand Strategies, Public Speaking Training and Coaching for Personal Growth and Development.
He has a track record of creating experiences, events and content for over 15 years and more than 20 international brands from various industries such as IBM, BMW, Audi, Kenzo, Tiffany, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi Film Festival and many more.
Flo’s personality, lifestyle and exposure to various industries make him a very versatile presenter who hosts a large range of events.
As a public speaking coach, he helps individuals to master the ability to speak and communicate messages passionately, clearly, and memorable.

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