Seamless Middle East 2019


10 - 11 April 2019 | Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center




Now in its 3rd year the Seamless Middle East start-up pitch-off has become one of the genuine show highlights. We are calling all Fintech and Commerce start-ups across the world to join the battle on stage and be crowned the winner of the Seamless Pitch-off.


How it Works

This year we will be hosting 2 seperate pitch-offs, one for all commerce start-ups and one specifially focused on Fintech start-ups. 


10 April 2019: 16:00 - Keynote Conference 

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The format is simple. 5 to 10 fintech start-ups have 3 minutes each to pitch their product or solution and try to convince our expert panel made up of VC’s, funds and consultants that their technology is going to be a game changer that will revolutionize the region’s fintech industry. These innovative, early-stage companies will come head-to-head live and on the main keynote stage during Seamless Middle East 2019.


11 April 2019: 16:00 - Keynote Conference

6 start-ups from around the region will have three minutes each to pitch their product or solution to our  expert panel made up of VCs and consultants. These innovative, early-stage, global companies will come  head-to-head live and on stage at Seamless 2019.

In these three minute pitches, competitors will try to convince our industry experts that their business  model, technology or platform is going to be a game changer that will revolutionise their industry. 100 startups will be shortlisted and 6 will be selected to pitch our panel of experts.



The Prize

Not only is there a USD$5,000 cash prize for the lucky winner to take away on the day, though a further USD$500,000 in funding is available. However, funding is not limited to just one winner. Multiple winners may qualify for funding equally up to USD$500,000 if your technology has what it takes to grab their attention.


How Do I Enter?

To enter for the Seamless Pitch off - please follow the link below and fill in the rrequested details. Your application will be reviewed by our panelists.   Entires close 10th March 2019.



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