seamless post-event workshops - 3 may 2017

Seamless Workshop day 2

Alternative payments (mobile, wearables, social, apps)

This workshop will enable you to discover how innovative, alternative payment methods strategically fit and integrate to other products such as mobile wallets. It will also cover the possible strategic and business models for retailers and key technologies such as wearable payments, social payments, in-app payments and more. Be ahead of the curve and prepared for the next generation of payment technology. 

Creating Seamless Customer Experiences

Consumers want to interact with products and services when they want to and how they want to—and that's not always on your website. We must move beyond the screen to creating seamless customer experiences that are holistic across channels and devices. In this workshop, Samantha will provide specific tools and recommendations for designing for the full experience lifecycle across all channels and touchpoints.

Global overview of new ways to pay

•    Drivers for changes in the way we pay
•    New entrants – strengths and weaknesses
•    New ways to pay – which succeeded and which failed

A seamless customer experience – definition and principles

•    What is Customer Experience? 
 o    How is it different than User Experience?
 o    What makes a Customer Experience Seamless?
 o    What is the value of a Seamless Customer Experience?
•    5 Key Principles for Creating Seamless Customer Experiences
 o    Convenient
 o    Consistent
 o    Connected 
 o    Contextual
 o    (a) Cross time

Networking break


Networking break


Payment technologies

•    In-store technologies
•    Online innovations
•    How online-offline is revolutionizing retail

Tools for creating seamless customer experiences – part i

•    Discovery Tools
 o    Customer, Employee and Environment Research
 o    Touchpoint and Service Inventories
 o    Storytelling





Opportunities and markets

•    Remittance markets
•    B2B and merchant payments
•    Travel, social and in-app payments

Tools for creating seamless customer experiences – part ii

•    Co-Design Tools
 o    Design Games
 o    Body Storming
 o    Business Origami and Service Diorama

Networking break


Networking break


The future of payments

•    Recent drivers for changes in the way we pay
•    Where do new opportunities lie?

Tools for creating seamless customer experiences – part iii

•    Seamless Solution Tools 
 o    Service Blueprint
 o    Customer Journey and Experience Mapping

Your host: Charmaine Oak, Author, The Digital Money Game

Known as one who “connects the dots” as money goes digital, Charmaine has over a decade of experience in the formation of a multi-trillion-dollar industry she defined for the first time, in her book “The Digital Money Game”. 
With over 27 years of experience of creating and delivering solutions to market, she works at the intersection of mobile, banking and payments across functional areas including regulations, market development, business development, marketing, sales, product development, business intelligence, technical architecture and modelling.
Charmaine brings a unique perspective, having contributed to the global development of digital money through the world’s leading money transfer company Western Union, a global bank (Royal Bank of Scotland), a top tier mobile operator (Orange FT), LogicaCMG (the pioneer in SMS) and Wipro.

Your host: Samantha Starmer, Vice President of Global Digital Experiences, Ralph Lauren

Samantha has over 15 years of experience in leading large, customer experience programs from strategy through design and execution at companies such as Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) Sapient Razorfish, Microsoft and Amazon. Throughout her career, Samantha has had the opportunity to create and lead new teams, functions and frameworks to support digital transformation and seamless customer experiences. 

Samantha’s passion is the intersection between humans and technology and how to ideate create and deliver holistic customer experiences across time and space, physical and digital.  She sees her core function as tying together technology, marketing and creative throughout all touchpoints in order to provide an optimal experience for consumers. She advocates and designs for the creation of customer experience strategy and architects how it ties into a company’s business strategy and goals. She then leads teams across the ideation, development and optimization lifecycle towards successful execution.
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