Artificial Intelligence Workshop, Tuesday 17 April 2018

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Artificial intelligence: implications for business strategy

This workshop will equip you with a practical grounding in artificial intelligence and its business applications. It will cover frameworks and tools that will enable you to begin your AI transformation, along with addressing talent management and regulatory considerations.
Artificial Intelligence Workshop

The foundations of digital transformation and AI

  •     A framework to understand digital transformation
  •     Human vs. computer decision making
  •     What AI is and is not
Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Artificial Intelligence Workshop

How AI is and will change the nature of business

  •     Current applications of AI
  •     Practicalities of digital transformation and AI
  •     Emerging applications of AI
Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Artificial Intelligence Workshop

How AI is and will change the nature of talent management and innovation in the workplace

  •     The drivers of innovation, and how technology is changing them
  •     How to attract, retain and motivate the new generation of talent
  •     What the workplace of the future looks like
Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Artificial Intelligence Workshop

AI and the future of humanity; ethical and regulatory considerations

  •     How AI will change the world over the coming decades
  •     Short term ethical and social considerations 
  •     Long term impact of AI on humanity
Daniel Hulme
Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Your host: Daniel Hulme

Daniel is the CEO of Satalia, a London-based company that provides Artificial Intelligence and also the Director of University College London’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business and social problems. He is a serial TEDx speaker and a faculty member of Singularity University. Daniel is a globally recognised thinker on AI and was recently appointed as an Advisor of the UAE National AI Strategy. 
Host: Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia
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