Arnab Ganguly | Group Head Digital Marketing & Analytics
Kanmo Retail Group | Indonesia

Arnab Ganguly, Group Head Digital Marketing & Analytics, Kanmo Retail Group

Arnab possesses over twelve years of experience in Digital Marketing which enables me to identify new opportunities, analysing trends and using them effectively to develop strategies, which are focused on creating amazing campaigns for clients.

He is an Innovative and tenacious leader who excels at creating strategies to win against competition. Demonstrated driver of profitable revenue growth, combining hands-on tactical execution with action-oriented strategic thinking to revitalize existing business, ramp new products and services, and penetrate new markets.

Proven experience across enterprises with a unique blend of technical knowledge, astute business sense, creativity and passion.

Strengths include:
Performance Marketing 
Product performance Insight
Channels & Partner Marketing
Market Opportunity Analysis
Global Team Building and Leadership


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 12:10

Envisioning the digital retail store of the future

  • Understand and prioritise the drivers of satisfaction for customers
  • Identify friction points along the digital customer journey to optimise the feedback process
  • Leading teams with data and real time metrics

Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 2 @ 12:30

Overcoming trust issues with e-consumers issues while maximizing the use of their data

  • Personalised pricing strategies based on individual data profiles ‐ the end of the ‘standard’ price'
  • ​IOT: more channels to sell through, more data collected on individuals
  • Joint development of trusted intermediaries to provide security and reassurance

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