Gladys Kingori | Founder & CEO

Gladys Kingori, Founder & CEO, ZOA TECH LIMITED

Gladys King'ori, is a former banker and payments practitioner with 10 years’ experience in banking, payment systems, project management, product development, management and strategy. She is the visionary, founder & CEO of ZOA TECH LTD, a fintech company whose mission is to bank 3 million unbanked Kenyans and 400 million unbanked Africans by bridging the gap of financial services delivery to anyone, anywhere, anytime by offering mobile based financial access solutions.
Her previous work experience spans Large Banks (Equity Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa) as well as a non-profit (Financial Sector Deepening Kenya). Her most recent role was in leading a product team made up of individuals from 13 different banks in developing a realtime interbank money transfer platform that allows any banked customer to send money from KES 10 to KES 999,999 to any other banked customer. The USD$10Million switch project has since been launched and in use by 35 banks in Kenya. Gladys is passionate about financial inclusion and access, cashless payments and digital innovation and has acquired comprehensive payments training, PRINCE, ITIL and ORACLE certification, First class honors Bsc. Computer Science and MBA degree.
Through work experience and skill training, Gladys has gained expertise is in the following areas:
• Mobile App & Web Development
• Project Management Consultancy
• Product Development Consultancy
• Fintech Advisory
• IT System Implementation
• IT Advisory & Consultancy
• Payments Advisory
Gladys has been a panel speaker at various conferences including: Africa Women in Technology Conference (28th -30th June 2017) and Seamless Payments Conference (6th-7th September 2017).
ZOA TECH LIMITED is DEMO Africa 2017 Winner and Gladys been accepted to the prestigious Women Startup Program in Silicon Valley for women founders. She has been featured in the CIO Magazine and been interviewed on Ebru TV.


Seamless East Africa day 1 @ 11:40

PANEL Collaboration as the key to financial inclusion

  • Disaggregation of the value chain: new players, non-banks and non-MNOs offering financial products and services directly to customers
  • Opening of platforms and APIs enabling new applications to be built on top of pre-existing products
  • Capitalising on existing customer base vs finding a new customer segment
  • Customisation: better data collection and analytics to inform more accurate customer segmentation
  • Presenting safe and useful services that are attractive to and accessible by the unbanked
  • Promoting financial literacy and encouraging the use of digital financial services
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