The future of payments is now. Banks, retailers and merchants alike are rapidly adapting to the new payments landscape.

Seamless payments will bring together the entire payments eco-system to discuss, debate and evaluate alternative payment strategies and technologies.



The winning banks of the future will be those that innovate and transform. It is time to bid farewell to traditional banking and say hello to the tactical actions needed to survive.

Get inspired by the innovators that are re-designing the retail banking experience. Your fast track to improved retail banking strategy.



As the industry faces the biggest disruptive forces in decades, we will be bringing some of the most interesting and revolutionary technologies which are transforming transactions across retail banking, institutional and corporate banking, insurance and lending.




With the explosion of new and innovative payment companies over the past 12 months, Seamless East Africa presents one of the biggest opportunities in the region. We are looking for 8 of the most exciting start-ups out there to showcase in our dedicated start-up pavilion.


Book your pod now and start generating leads, build brand and attract new partners to do business with.


For just $2,000 USD you will receive:

  • 2x2m pod (inclusive of power and basic furniture)
  • Logo and profile in the show guide and on the website

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