Advancing financial inclusion in a digital age

East Africa’s innovation in financial services has changed the global inclusion landscape.

Looking to the future, technology providers, banks, telecom operators, fintechs and governments must continue to innovate to create financial products that the underbanked really need and trust at a price they can afford.

Far from being just an opportunity for corporate social responsibility initiatives, the quest for financial inclusion is, more than ever, a legitimate business opportunity for organisations across the finance, retail, technology and telecommunication industries.

The building blocks necessary for financial inclusion are present in East Africa where digital payments innovations are occurring as we speak. The use of digital payments amongst the populations across East Africa has created the preconditions for new and innovative banking and commercial services to be extended.

Once all the key African stakeholders truly understand the complex financial lives of the African populations, then there is a real opportunity for new ecosystems to be built, and for real roadmaps to be collaboratively laid out.

The Financial Inclusion Summit East Africa will bring together all of the stakeholders involved in financial inclusion to discuss critical challenges, opportunities, pilot programmes and future roadmaps.


Previous speakers include:

JENNIFER RIRIA , Group CEO, Kenya Women Holding , Kenya

ALLAN WAITITU , Director – Special Projects, Equity Bank , Kenya

RICHARD YEGO , Acting Airtel Money Director, Airtel Uganda

MAZYAR ROSTAMI , Senior Development Advisor, UNHCR

ROGÉRIO LAM , Director, Marketing, Banco Comercial e de Investimentos

JAMES VANCEL , Managing Director, Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics

WILLIAM NANJERO , Principal Consultant, Microsave

EVANS ABUURU , Head, Small Enterprise Banking, National Bank of Kenya

WILLIAM COOK , Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP / World Bank , Kenya

SAHANA KUMAR , Managing Director, Amarante Consulting

STELLA MALINGA , Head, Banking Financial Services, FINCA Uganda Limited



Previous Financial Inclusion Partners have included




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