Seamless Payments East Africa 2017 Day 2 - 7th September 2017



Keynote: Revolutionising the payments industry with alternative data

  •     Using mobile data to build credit scores, financial identities and delivering instant credit 
  •     Facilitating financial access, choice and control to the underserved
  •     Creating user-friendly, seamless payment experiences
  •     Competing and collaborating to facilitate transactions and deliver unrivalled solutions 
Bonney Tunya

Keynote panel: Driving financial services transformation with emerging technologies

  •     Assessing the impact of disruptive technology: IoT, AI and machine learning, big data, robo-advisors, cloud computing, regtech, insurtech 
  •     Creating deeply personalised interactions and next-level customer experiences
  •     Re-imagining financial services processes from top to bottom
  •     Incumbents partnering with Fintechs and start-ups to drive innovation
  •     Increasing security and protecting consumer privacy

Keynote: Unlocking the potential of cloud computing

  •     Increasing agility in implementing technical responses to changing business needs
  •     Using intuitive, adaptive, mobile and cloud-based processes to deliver a smoother CX
  •     Maximising security with complex controls: encryption and tokenization 
  •     Strengthening security parameters and enforcing compliance requirements 
  •     Utilising virtually unlimited storage and reducing costs: only pay for what you use, when you use it 
  •     Integrating highly resilient, scalable architecture Reserved for platinum sponsor 

Networking break


Morning tea

11:20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below








Innovating international payments within established banks

  •     Evaluating the robustness of the current infrastructure
  •     Exploring the challenges of universal Banking
  •     What actually is innovation?
  •     Understanding and adhering to country specific regulations
  •     Examining the impact of Fintech in the product and regulatory spaces

Case study: Lessons from a digital-only bank

  •     Offering a broad range of services to reduce the need for a branch 
  •     Allowing customers to deposit, withdraw and transact in a secure, efficient manner
  •     Guaranteeing significant customer uptake with increased usability
  •     Implementing social media banking to cater to the needs of digital natives
  •     Building IT systems from scratch, saving on the costs of maintaining legacy systems

Panel: From blockchain to P2P lending: which trend will win?

  •     Which Fintech trends will have the greatest impact on financial inclusion efforts?
  •     Assessing the potential impact of Fintech on long term financial stability and prosperity 
  •     Developing national data frameworks to foster financial inclusion strategies 
  •     Facilitating geo-spatial mapping for deeper insights into financial inclusion landscapes

Driving mobile-to-mobile cross-border payments

  •     Developing a global digital payments platform that can be scaled to deliver cross-currency, cross-border and cross-network payments 
  •     Leveraging diaspora remittances to boost the domestic digital economy
  •     Partnering with banks and telcos to go beyond East African borders
  •     How are instant, mobile-to-mobile remittances shifting customer behaviour?
  •     Social media: making use of the viral engine for P2P payments 

Moving towards optichannel banking

  •     Optichannel: delivering banking services  seamlessly and ubiquitously based on customer’s needs and preferred channel 
  •     Enabling your customer to bank the way they want, when they want
  •     Utilsing tracking technologies that can monitor consumers for better contextual targeting
  •     Removing silos and making cross-channel loyalty a priority
  •     Delighting customers and encouraging them to be ambassadors on social media

Harnessing mobility through Fintech to drive financial inclusion

  •     How is access to Fintech driving financial inclusion? 
  •     Speeding up the onboarding process whilst ensuring increased security and KYC adherence 
  •     Scaling up access to mobile services for the underbanked 
  •     Developing attractive and significant CX to entice new customers 
  •     Assessing collaboration opportunities between NGO’s corporations and governments for a financially inclusive ecosystem 




Opportunities, obstacles and concerns of acquirers

  •     Why is innovation so slow in acquiring? 
  •     Realising the industry is changing in all facets 
  •     Overview of pricing to technology to distribution
  •     How to measure innovation and what next steps to take 
  •     Is your offering diverse enough to win new business? 
  •     Developing a niche business model in vertical markets with a more specific focus

Reinventing the bank account

  •     Debating the future role of the bank account
  •     Examining the decline of the bank teller
  •     Offering a broad range of services to reduce the need for branches 
  •     Reimagining the bank-customer relationship
  •     Personalising the banking experience with predictive algorithms
  •     Branch as a one-stop-shop

An introduction to… Insurtech

  •     Insurtech = transforming the insurance industry with technology 
  •     Utilising new approaches to underwrite risk and predict loss
  •     Growing existing capabilities and reach 
  •     Leveraging big data, online scoring platforms and real time data streaming to better manage risk
  •     Securing individual insurance records and history with the blockchain

The evolving trend of prepaid in a digital ecosystem

  •     Evaluating the benefits of corporate prepaid cards
  •     Increasing convenience with mobile
  •     Driving customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace 

Redefining the fundamental model of retail banking

  •     Providing an interface that anticipates the customer’s needs 
  •     Incorporating social media banking to appeal to digital natives 
  •     Reducing costs while having a fuller service offering 
  •     Improving branch profitability 
  •     Back to basics: embodying your value proposition at every touch point Reserved for sponsor 


• Evaluating how alternative technologies could disrupt the processing & acquiring ecosystem

• Evaluating strategies to remove the friction associated with mobile payments

• Examining the changing landscape of interchange fees

• Assessing emerging capabilities in B2B payments

• Key steps in building a personalised customer journey

• Strategies to increase agency banking interoperability

• Understanding the needs of the unbanked

• How to revolutionise remittance services with blockchain and mobile

• Promoting P2P lending in the underserved population


Networking lunch




Panel: Answering the call for payments innovation

  •     Meeting the growing expectations of global real time payments processing 
  •     Creating instant payment experiences on mobile devices with biometrics and UX design
  •     Where to start: creating a sustainable business model
  •     Speed, contextual analytics and platform optimisation: the key for a successful contextual purchasing experience 
  •     Increasing transparency at every stage of the payments value chain 

Evaluating the potential of RegTech

  •     Innovating the world’s most outdated and complex industry 
  •     Regulation intersecting with disruption= RegTech 
  •     Can technology help in addressing the changes that need to happen?
  •     Paving the way for a new wave of start-ups
  •     Saving the industry time and resources 
  •     Harnessing cloud computing, big data and blockchain to comply with regulatory requirements
  •     Creating a more transparent and controlled global financial system

Exploring the rise of prepaid and mobile for millennials

  •     Understanding millennial money habits
  •     Rolling out the right tools to increase engagement 
  •     Improving CX at every touchpoint while increasing revenue
  •     Offering each user incentives and rewards to encourage loyalty 

Debating the role of the regulators

  •     What role should regulators play to promote the adoption of RegTech?
  •     Identifying specific rules or policies that inhibit or encourage the adoption of RegTech
  •     Improving the interactions between industry participants and regulators
  •     Testing RegTech innovations
  •     How can RegTech support the industry in meeting new requirements?



Leveraging the branch for the unbanked population

  •     Utlising Fintech to make the branch more efficient 
  •     Driving cost efficiency  
  •     Building relationships and winning customers with face-to-face interactions
  •     Retaining the value of traditional bricks and mortar branches
  •     Leveraging customer data to predict buying behaviours and offer a personalised experience 



Imagining a world of branchless banking

  •     Enabling customers to bank where they want, when they want
  •     Building partnerships between financial institutions and MNO’s to scale products and leverage existing technology platforms  
  •     Encouraging the update of alternative channels such as savings and credit 
  •     Unifying and integrating multiple customer channels to offer a truly personalised customer experience 
  •     Improving usability to drive customer uptake

Panel: Fostering P2P payments

  •     How are instant, mobile-to-mobile remittances shifting customer behaviour?
  •     Increasing interoperability between MNOs, banks and Central Banks 
  •     Competing with non-banks 
  •     Capitalising on favourable cross-border benefits

What’s next for B2B payments?

  •     What new business models are emerging?
  •     Leverage existing infrastructure to play the B2B game
  •     Reducing costs and increasing uptake across industries 
  •     Increasing efficiency to help payments complete more quickly
  •     What are faster payments? 
  •     Learning from P2P disruptors for B2B innovation
Dan Musungu, Head, Transactional Banking, Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Tangible takeaways

Key speakers will summarise the highlights of today’s sessions. This will include the top tools, strategies and idea’s that they will take away and implement within their own business.

End of conference day two

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