Seamless Payments East Africa 2017 Day 1 - 6th September 2017


Jim Marous

Keynote: Adapting in a Fintech age

  •     Harnessing the power of Fintech as a catalyst for redefining financial markets
  •     Providing fuel for growth
  •     Accelerating Fintech innovation: debating the role of all players within the ecosystem
  •     How to think like a Fintech
  •     Re-imagining financial services processes from top to bottom
Habil Olaka

CEO keynote panel: Defining the future of digital banking

  •     Improving access for the unbanked and underbanked 
  •     What lessons can be learnt from Fintech startups?
  •     How banks are answering the call for payment innovation 
  •     Creating a seamless experience across all touchpoints 
  •     Moving beyond the digitalisation of features: creating a truly digital bank
  •     Rethinking regulation to foster socially valuable financial innovation 
Wilfred Musau, Chief Executive Officer, National Bank of Kenya
Yoku Korsah

Keynote panel: Increasing interoperability - the role of National Payment Switches

  •     Expanding access to financial services as well as financial inclusion 
  •     Reevaluating the effectiveness of legacy core banking infrastructure 
  •     Adopting innovative technologies to facilitate seamless payment systems 
  •     Promoting co-opetition between financial institutions
Jean Claude Gaga, Chief Executive Officer, RSwitch Ltd

Speed networking


Morning tea

11:20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below








Panel: Rise of mobile payments

  •     Who will be the winners of the mobile payments war?
  •     Pushing product innovation further in a market that has trouble evolving beyond payments
  •     Streamlining the enrolment process to increase customer uptake 
  •     Adding value-added financial services like free money transfers and access to credit
  •     Who owns the customer’s loyalty

Panel: Re-examining approaches to cyber risk

  •     Ensuring all platforms are guarded against attack
  •     Developing new security mechanisms whilst cybercriminals cultivate new techniques to evade them
  •     Protecting banks from evolving phishing and malware attacks
  •     Do your service providers meet your security standards? 
  •     Extending risk management focus from pure information confidentiality to include brand reputation 
  •     Making security part of your corporate DNA
Moderator: David Kanyanjua, Managing Director, Three Quality Services

Panel: Promoting Fintech innovation

  •     Understanding the core elements needed for venture success
  •     Developing and nurturing the next generation of Fintech startups
  •     Providing the right environment for innovation to flourish
  •     Fueling a healthy increase in regional and global investment into the Fintech sector
  •     Integrating digital services with existing legacy systems 
  •     Promoting interoperability among different banks, mobile money players and Fintechs 

Case study: Evolving mobile money

  •     Reducing risk and encouraging innovation
  •     Leapfrogging traditional infrastructure 
  •     Increasing cross-border interoperability 
  •     Building trust and normalising mobile money as a social norm 
  •     Overcoming the challenges of regulation, infrastructure and commercial viability 
  •     Boosting the mobile money ecosystem and connecting diaspora communities

Beyond the password with biometrics

  •     Revolutionising the way we interact with money 
  •     Using people as the answer to security
  •     Increasing accessibility for the underserved with biometric capabilities  
  •     Assessing the future of convenient, secure and trusted finance
  •     Implementing biometric authentication systems into future hardware products 
  •     Considering multifactor biometrics like fingerprint, retina, voice, retina, facial and heartbeat for authentication

Launching and expanding Fintech businesses

  •     Navigating a crowded, complex regulatory landscape 
  •     Understanding, developing and implementing a compliance and regulatory framework 
  •     Overcoming rigid laws that leave little room for new innovation
  •     Assessing costs of expansion 
  •     Understanding the cultural and language barriers to expansion 

Facilitating mPOS adoption

  •     Accepting payments anytime, anywhere
  •     Enhancing the purchasing experience and streamlining business activities
  •     Driving costs efficiency and ensuring complete transparency: no hidden costs 
  •     Making every transaction safe and secureReserved for sponsor

Securing your identity

  •     Are the motives to commit identity fraud and data breaches changing?
  •     Acting in real time to predict identity fraud 
  •     Preparing for the next wave of cyber identity thefts in a digital world 
  •     Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify customers securely 
  •     Utilising contextual awareness
  •     Could blockchain be the backbone of a universal digital identity system?

Overcoming challenges of being a payments start-up in East Africa

  •     Exploring segments with the most potential: B2C, P2P 
  •     Fostering talent in the local payments market
  •     Identifying and overcoming key regulatory challenges
  •     Encouraging early stage funding to harness innovation 

Progressing KYC in a digital age

  •     Improving the user experience and user interface during the KYC process
  •     Cutting costs associated with AML and KYC transactions 
  •     How to roadmap your future identity and KYC processes 
  •     Increasing engagement with regulators Reserved for sponsor

Leveraging APIs

  •     Incumbents opening up their APIs to innovative new entrants
  •     Allowing Fintechs to build their products faster, quicker and more efficiently  
  •     Enabling developers to build customised applications that cater to users across the board
  •     Offering an open API to engage and retain digital customers
  •     Overcoming current competitive hurdles because access to financial data will be equalisedReserved for sponsor 


• Overcoming the barriers to instant, real-time payments

• Empowering merchants to improve customer experience at POS

• Building out a low-cost merchant acquisition strategy in East Africa

• Will mobile payments replace debit and credit cards?

• Promoting a culture of innovation within your bank

• Promoting retail lending in the underserved population

• Identifying how blockchain can transform your business

Partha Saha

Welcome address by lunch sponsor:

Session led by: arab-financial-services

Networking lunch





Panel: Connected payment devices

  •     The role of banks in bringing commerce to life by providing and accepting alternative payments
  •     Increasing customer engagement through centralised transactions 
  •     Personalisation: the new connected customer journey
  •     The rise of contactless payment technologies: NFC, QR codes, BLE
  •     Examining the potential and ramifications of the IoT: identity, access control, privacy and security

Interview: Evaluating what banks can learn from Fintech UX

  •     Understanding UX as a differentiator 
  •     Offering both content and an interface that keeps people engaged
  •     Customising for each customer’s preferences and past behaviors
  •     Surprising and delighting even the most discerning digital native consumers
  •     Moving from meeting expectations to exceeding expectations
  •     Personalising UX at every touchpoint 
Moderator: Percy Opio, Author, Equity Bank Ltd
Saugata Bandyopadhyay, MD Operations and Customer Experience, CRDB Bank Tanzania

Panel: Encouraging blockchain adoption

  •     Exploring cost implications when new and existing technology co-exist 
  •     Migrating vs. upgrading legacy systems 
  •     How scalable is the technology?
  •     Promoting interoperability between private networks
  •     What are the technical and business impediments holding back adoption?
  •     Will cybersecurity be a driver or a hurdle for adoption?
  •     Providing opportunities for real-time settlement capabilities 

Revolutionising payments with alternative data

  •     Using mobile data to build credit scores, financial identities and delivering instant credit 
  •     Facilitating financial access, choice and control to the underserved
  •     Creating user-friendly, seamless payment experiences
  •     Competing and collaborating to facilitate transactions and deliver unrivalled solutions 

Reinventing finance with blockchain technology

  •     Can it live up to the hype? 
  •     Improving security for banks and governments
  •     Reducing server maintenance requirements
  •     Saving time and reducing costs on international transactions
  •     Cutting costs associated with anti-money laundering and KYC transactions

Expanding social payments

  •     Comprehending the vast potential of social payments 
  •     Taking social payments across borders 
  •     Making sure that the user experience is the right experience 
  •     Combining messaging, media sharing and payments in an integrated experience
  •     Moving beyond centralised closed models to create an interoperable network

Satisfying digitally-savy millennials

  •     Providing a convenient, intuitive experience for mobile lifestyles
  •     Helping millennials safely access their financial information on their mobile devices
  •     Fighting for limited space: keeping banking apps relevant and encouraging regular use
  •     Reducing banking costs and increasing checkout speed

Examining alternative uses of the blockchain

  •     Navigating the emerging opportunities offered by blockchain technology
  •     Utilising new blockchain applications toaccelerate global adoption
  •     Discussing future use cases including:   o    Enhancing agriculture and creating smart farms   o    Monitoring food supply chains   o    Underpinning cloud storage platforms   o    Regulating healthcare   o    Facilitating voting 

Integrating proximity payments

  •     Facilitating a faster, cheaper and safer payment option
  •     Choosing the right contactless product for your business  
  •     Encouraging the acceptance of NFC and QR code payments
  •     Promoting a cashless economy
  •     Working with merchants to educate consumersReserved for sponsor

Embracing human-centric UX

  •     Designing for every touchpoint: mobile, tablet, laptop, wearable
  •     Incorporating evocative imagery to create a striking impression 
  •     Delighting users with light design and smooth flow 
  •     Utilising responsive website design  
  •     Adopting a user-centered approach and delivering a cutting edge user interface 
  •     Conducting regular usability testing for an optimised experience  Reserved for sponsor





Leveraging disruptive technologies to improve payment security

  •     Using 4th platform technologies to improve security and trust
  •     Applying algorithm-based technology to keep up with fraud techniques as they evolve 
  •     Prohibiting lapses in verification between hardware providers, payments providers and banks
  •     Managing identity and security
  •     Collaboration to improve security

Panel: Redefining your digital marketing strategy

  •     Seamlessly combining digital and physical delivery channels 
  •     Contextualising campaigns with relevant, interactive content marketing 
  •     Getting personal: customising to enhance the overall experience and increase ROI 
  •     Understanding increasing complex consumer decision behaviour in order to optimise conversion rates 
  •     Deriving insight from multiple sources simultaneously using big data, predictive analytics and consumer insight 

Facilitating increased subprime lending

  •     Creating opportunity for the underserved ‘credit invisibles’ 
  •     Enabling customers to establish a credit history
  •     Directly connecting borrowers to individual lenders
  •     Offering consumers a chance to get loans easily and quickly

Mitigating payments fraud with advanced analytics

  •     Preventing and predicting fraud in real time without affecting the experience ofthe customer
  •     Growing omnidata capabilities, in alignment with the omnichannel consumer experience  
  •     Undertaking continuous monitoring and analysis to identify potential fraud indicators 
  •     Classifying and grouping data to facilitate deeper analysis 
  •     Assessing which fraud prevention technologies offer the best ROI

Moving social media to the mainstream

  •     Incorporating social networking platforms with mainstream banking 
  •     Personalising campaigns at scale with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
  •     Overcoming challenges in measuring ROI from social media spend 
  •     Creating customer intimacy by listening to your customer and having two-way conversations
  •     Social media as a contact centre
  •     Monitoring and reacting to bad reviews 

Adopting alternative credit scoring & management

  •     Determining the characteristics of ‘good risk’ in underserved areas 
  •     Enabling lending to the underserved
  •     Combining multiple elements including  technology, social and mobile data to assess credit worthiness  
  •     Adopting personal data as a currency

Networking break



Keynote: Securing the digital bank in a cyberworld

  •     Taking solid security stance: putting intelligence and insights first
  •     Incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms to identify customers securely
  •     Simplifying, modernising and standardising technology infrastructure 
  •     Cultivating a culture of security without impacting the customer experience 
  •     Rolling out real-time intelligent alert systems that anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks Reserved for platinum sponsor 
Michael Mbuthia

CIO keynote panel: Building the bank of 2030

  •     Updating complex, core systems to keep up with an increasingly dynamic digital landscape 
  •     Deepening personal connections with customers via sophisticated data analysis techniques 
  •     Adopting adaptive security architecture 
  •     What place will AI-powered conversational interfaces have? 
  •     Advancing long term digital strategies to lead in customer satisfaction 
  •     Rolling out multilayered security and user behaviour analytics as the norm  

Close of day one


After-hours networking party

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