Syed Ammar Faheem | Regional Manager (SANEA) Digital Banking & Payments

Syed Ammar Faheem, Regional Manager (SANEA) Digital Banking & Payments, Gemalto

Ammar is a Banking & Payments technology expert with experience across FinTech, digital payment systems, financial inclusion as well as modern day mobile financial services. He's been with Gemalto for 3 years now and has led several strategic payments solution deployments. Previously, he has been associated with a financial inclusion operator and a switching/CMS solution provider as well.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 15:20

The biometric future of banking

  •     How biometrics is enabling exponential grow in mobile payments 
  •     Using people as the answer to security – combating data hacks 
  •     Reasons to think beyond the thumb – merging other authentication methods to boost security 
  •     What next if biometrics get hacked? 

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