Stacey Grant | Director - Consumer & Market Insights

Stacey Grant, Director - Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

After completing her honors degree in Industrial Psychology, Stacey joined the Unilever Insights team. In the 13 years that she has been with Unilever, she has worked across all of the product categories, across various geographies, and has led teams across different business units. She has worked in both innovation development, as well as market deployment, and has been a member of various leadership teams. In her current role as Consumer & Market Insights Director for Africa, she sits on both the South African and the African board, and leads an insights team that is spread across the continent. She works both with marketing and with the sales teams, to identify growth opportunities and ensure high ROI behind everything that is executed in-market. Digital, and specifically mobile, is front and central to Unilever strategy, and indeed to the Unilever Insights function, especially in terms of driving relevant insights into the business with speed and efficiency.  
Stacey is fiercely patriotic to Africa, and is energised by the unique challenges thrown her way daily, which demand innovative and creative solutions. 
She is also a mum to 2 beautiful boys, who give her a sense of both purpose and perspective, and as digital natives they provide constant inspiration to keep learning in this space!


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 15:00

Mobile and the human factor - why this matters for engagement and closing the deal

  •     Mobile as a digital platform
  •     Cheap and fast – keeping in mind personalisation 
  •     What mobile enables us to do to drive exponential growth. 
  •     The type of connection with our consumers it enables – keeping in mind the person behind the phone 
  •     Engaging in growth-driving activities like PRM and adaptive marketing 

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