Sebastien Slim | Head Of Marketing And Innovation

Sebastien Slim, Head Of Marketing And Innovation, HPS

Sebastien Slim is head of Marketing & Innovation at HPS. Sebastien joined HPS in 2011 and is responsible for delivering customer satisfaction by developing value-creating payment solutions and by ensuring tight alignments of product roadmaps with market needs.
Prior to joining HPS, Sebastien was vice president at Welcome, the global payment loyalty and promotions software leader, where he led Global pre-sales and Product Marketing. He highly contributed to achieving large projects with tier-one customers worldwide.
Sebastien has over 15 years of experience in all areas of electronic payment business closely working with a variety of leading industry clients in financial services, with wide geographical experience across the European, American, Middle Eastern, and African markets.
Sebastien has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale of Marseille School in France.


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Building a national interoperable mobile payment scheme

  •     Comprehensive value proposition for merchants, consumers, businesses and government
  •     Fuelling the system
  •     Digitalising traditional merchants’ services
  •     Managing interoperability 

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