Ryan Falkenberg | CEO

Ryan Falkenberg, CEO, Clevva

Ryan Falkenberg is co-founder and CEO of CLEVVA (pronounced ‘clever’), an award–winning, enterprise-level Intelligence Augmentation platform designed to let non-coding teams build, maintain and deploy decision Navigators. Navigators act like GPSs, guiding staff, irrespective of their knowledge, experience, through all known sales, service and operational challenges. They ensure staff consistently ask the right questions, identify the right solutions, and take the right actions in line with relevant product, policy and procedural rules. Consider it Artificial Intelligence For People.
Ryan has spoken at a number of conferences on artificial intelligence and how traditional thinking in learning and knowledge management is limiting people’s ability to stay relevant in the new economy. He writes actively on the topic of AI, performance support, learning and human capability  development in modern times.


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The real opportunity with robo-advice

  •     What value will robo-advisors add?
  •     Is this the next trend in customer service and personalisation 
  •     Tweaking the model to suit your market 
  •     What does this mean for financial advisors   

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