Ro Paddock | Fraud Risk Management Expert

Ro Paddock, Fraud Risk Management Expert, Independent

Ro Paddock is a multi-industry fraud mitigation expert, with an exceptional fraud reduction track record. Focused on operational and strategic fraud management in fast-paced, challenging and disruptive industries. She has extensive and varied experience in fraud management, mostly in the E-commerce and M-commerce landscapes, and has worked at Jumo.World,, Travelstart and Safarinow where she developed fraud management systems that mitigated against fraudulent activities with robust accuracy and an average reduction in fraud of 97%. Ro holds a BCom Honours in Computer Forensics from the University of Cape Town.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:20

Data as a tool to prevent fraud

  •     The usability of data in identifying fraudulent techniques
  •     Using data analytics as your main weapon
  •     Tackling internal and external fraud opportunities

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