Lauren King | Executive: eCommerce and Web Services

Lauren King, Executive: eCommerce and Web Services, Edcon

Lauren is a multi-disciplinary digital strategist and implementation specialist, with strong entrepreneurial leanings and a curiosity about everything. During her 16 year career, Lauren has programmed and developed code for large digital applications, designed and overseen UX/UI implementations for digital projects and products, analysed both the business and end-consumer needs and created online and digital products to fulfil those requirements, determined business strategies and found ways in which to fulfil them using digital products and help to develop the strategy and implementation of a new digital business. 
At Edcon, Lauren is responsible for overseeing all Ecommerce platforms and web systems and for developing and driving the digital roadmap for the organisation.
Lauren is currently completing her Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 17:00

Retailtainment: The ongoing quest for new forms of experiential retail

  •     The fusion of retail and entertainment – is it worth it?
  •     Optimising a premium offering to encourage consumers to linger longer 
  •     How to implement immersive experiences and engagement 
  •     Reimagining what’s possible from a physical store 
  •     Small is big – what appeals to millennials?
  •     Who’s leading the way Keynote session reserved for Platinum Sponsor 

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