Lanre Akinlagun | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lanre Akinlagun, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Drinks.Ng

Excluding the last 3 years, I have spent my entire career spanning almost 12years working as a digital marketing expert across different fields. These roles range from Search Engine marketing, Digital analytics, Display advertising, media buying, social media advertising and website management. 
I have worked on the media side of business with agencies such as Vizeum (Publicis group) and then on the analytics side with Coremetrics, a silicon valley start up which went on to be acquired by IBM, who i was with for almost 2years. I moved on to join a leading African start up namely Iroko Partners, who are a popular movie streaming site. During my time in Nigeria I spotted a gap within a space I had a long standing passion for namely
With my previous knowledge with investing in wines and consumer might I add, I just felt the ecommerce and retail space was ready for someone to really make things happen, so I did.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 12:00

The experience revolution – making the customer feel like they matter

  •     Why you should be merging your marketing with CX
  •     Shaping the customers decision making process through omni channel and mobile 
  •     Applying a generous dash of emotional intelligence around customer behaviour 
  •     Combining data, people and processes 
  •     Data centralisation: Listening and acting on customer feedback 
  •     Engaging out the box  

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