Kim Dancey | Head: Payments, FNB International
First Rand Bank Ltd

Kim Dancey, Head: Payments, FNB International, First Rand Bank Ltd

Kim Dancey is a lawyer, with expertise in digital payments. Focused on creating enabling environments for the adoption and usage of quality, and inclusive, digital financial services.  As Head of Payments for FNB International within the FirstRand banking group, Kim is responsible for supporting the group strategy and identifying opportunities in differentiated payment services for the FNB group subsidiaries.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:00

How to change your banking platform to drive a cashless society

  •     Should the strategy be cashless, or less cash?
  •     Why going cashless is a true reward for customers 
  •     Using data and tracking to diversify your product offering
  •     Strategies for reaching non-customers and unbanked  
  •     Innovations from Africa

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