Frans Van Der Colff | Director for Africa
Fruit And Veg City

Frans Van Der Colff, Director for Africa, Fruit And Veg City

Frans joined Pick ‘n Pay at Ottery Hypermarket as a Trainee Manager in 1988 and completely the Pick ‘n Pay Retail Management programme. He then transferred to Johannesburg as Manager in the Training and Development Department where a major achievement was the implementation of the new Pick ‘n Pay “on-the-job” training system as well as developing a number of in-house courses. Frans then joined the Boksburg Hypermarket team as a Food Buyer. The Hypermarket was doing a turnover of +-R400millon a year. The buying team assisted in increasing the bottom line profit from 1% turnover to 4.2% in just under two years. 

Frans then joined the Gauteng region as a Regional Manager and was responsible for the running of a number of stores in this region. Budgeted results were achieved. After this, he joined the Franchise Division and in 2002 was appointed the General Manager (and also a subsidiary board Director of Pick ‘n Pay) of the Mini Market Brand. A year later he was appointed General Manager of the Franchise Division. The Franchise Division has grown to 320 stores currently doing +-R20 Billion in turnover and contribution almost 55% to Pick ‘n Pay’s net profit. Frans has been asked to investigate and establish the Brand in the SA Emerging Market and this has been started. In May 2008 Frans was appointed a Management Board Director in charge of Emerging Markets and Africa. 

Frans joined Fruit & Veg City in January 2011 to grow and run all operations outside of South Africa, established the business in 12 countries. Fruit & Veg City is currently the fastest growing supermarket chain in South Africa and its Food Lovers Market is extremely well suited to the African and other emerging markets. 

Frans started TIA (Training Institute for Africa) in 2016 and runs a management training course for Foodlovers with Henley Business School to identify local talent and to turn them into excellent retail managers, a similar course will start at CUT in Bloemfontein shortly, furthermore TIA trains franchisees and their staff to deal with all the difference aspects of running a franchise business successfully. 

Frans also started VDC consulting that specialises in assisting businesses to establish themselves successfully on the African continent and assists Foodlovers with leadership development.  


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 14:20

Using shopper behaviour to design a store concept that exceeds expectations

  •     Putting the customer at the heart of the store 
  •     Understanding who the customer is and what’s important to them 
  •     How design adds real value during the shopping experience 
  •     Hangout hubs: turning your store into a social environment that customers want to come back to 
  •     How to design interactive experiences that help you learn more about the customers’ needs  

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