Chris Hamilton | CEO

Chris Hamilton, CEO, BankservAfrica

Chris Hamilton is the CEO of BankservAfrica. During his time as CEO of the Australian Payments Clearing Association, APCA played a central coordinating role for many aspects of the Australian payments evolution, with the country now deploying one of the most advanced payment systems in the world. 

Hamilton was born in Sydney, Australia and worked as a solicitor there specialising in Security Industry Law and has wide-ranging industry policy experience in the Australian Financial Services – this includes 11 years with the Australian Stock Exchange where he was the Executive General Manager responsible for clearing and settlement.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 09:00

C-Suite Keynote panel: Embracing technology and innovation in a new world order

  •     Tackling the innovation challenge and market conditions 
  •     Making payment systems a core focus 
  •     Security in an age of technology and cyber-attacks 
  •     Collaboration, partnerships and Fintechs 
  •     Changing the approach – including digital in your strategic planning 
  •     Building trust, winning the customer with unrivalled optimal services  

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