Brooke Anderson | Managing Director: Africa Middle East
XM Developments (Sage)

Brooke Anderson, Managing Director: Africa Middle East, XM Developments (Sage)

Accomplished business leader with over 13 years multifaceted Enterprise ecommerce industry experience internationally and a deep understanding of business sales process.
Founder and Managing Director of XM Developments for 13 years, the OEM Provider of ‘Sage Ecommerce’. After setting up the company, Brooke is currently responsible for General Operations for Africa and the Middle East where he has been selling and supporting Enterprise Ecommerce for over 10 years. 
Brooke has been a trusted ecommerce and business process advisor to over 100 customers in 6 countries.


Seamless Seminar Day 1 @ 14:30

Back to basics for effective ecommerce

Seamless Seminar Day 2 @ 13:30

Back to basics for effective ecommerce

VIP Conference Day 2 @ 12:20

ROUNDTABLE: From the warehouse to their house, enterprise Ecommerce for a modern Africa

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