Power & Electricity World Asia 2016 - Conference Day 1



Organiser’s opening remarks


Chairman’s opening remarks

Mr Assaad Razzouk

Keynote: The Paris deal and carbon emission reduction: How cli-fi technology can reshape ecosystems

  • R&D has generated some exciting new clean technologies, yet we still rely overwhelmingly on fossil fuels
  • Can business models, social models and political frameworks change to push for greater uptake of clean technology
  • Dealing with lobbying and financial pressures from incumbent interest groups
Mr Assaad Razzouk, Group Chief Executive, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
Mr Jarman Sudimo

Host Government Keynote: Power crisis? Aligning supply with rapidly increasing demand

  • How can Indonesia meet the 35,000MW target in the next five years to meet growing energy needs and support economic growth?
  • Is the 35,000MW target realistic? How are regulations changing to enable this target to be fulfilled?
  • Competing interests in providing electricity from fossil fuels which are more lucrative vs renewables which are more sustainable
  • Foreign / private investments required to oversee generation infrastructure development

Speaker subject to final confirmation
Mr Jarman Sudimo, Director General for Electricity, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources

Speed networking & morning refreshments




IPP Panel: Paving the way for greater capacity development in Southeast Asia

  • A long term view for IPP development in Southeast Asia
  • Bridging the gap between demand and supply through new capacity building
  • Are power projects developed for the sake of profits or genuinely to meet the energy needs?
  • Securing PPAs and managing regulatory outcomes
Moderator: Mr Harold Tjiptadjaja, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Indonesia Infrastructure Finance
Mr Rudy Halim, Managing Director, Arrow Debeur Ventures
Mr Ravi Govil, Project Management Consultant & Technical Advisor, PT Central Java Power
Mr Fazil Erwin Alfitri, President and Chief Executive Officer, PT Medco Power Indonesia
Mr Shikhar Jain, Executive Director, Infrastructure & Transportation, Standard Chartered Bank

Panel: Innovations & practical approaches in driving greater geothermal development in Southeast Asia

  • Harnessing more of Southeast Asia's geothermal resources
  • Innovative solutions to overcome economic and technical limitations to geothermal development
  • Analysing market opportunities and economic viability: In the eyes of developers and financiers
  • Accessing capital to grow geothermal energy projects
Moderator: Mr Bret Mattes, Senior Gas & Power Advisor, Pertamina
Mr Peter Wijaya, Vice President of Commercial & Business Development, P.T. Star Energy
Mr Michael Reading, COO, KS Orka Renewables Pte Ltd.
Mr Marc-Henry Lebrun, Managing Director, Deputy Head of Energy Finance & Advisory, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale Asia
Mr Udibowo Ciptomulyono, Researcher, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Ring of Fire Project, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Fire Side Chat: Addressing infrastructure challenges and finding innovative solutions to address energy poverty and improve remote energy access

  • Breaking down the barriers to address energy poverty and rural electrification
  • Reassessing if centralised generation is the best way to supply energy to remote communities
  • Building and engaging self-sustaining communities
  • Crowd funded and community led power projects
Mr Deon James, Chief Executive Officer, Dagupan Electric Corporation
Mr Matthias Gelber, Member of the Board, Solexel
Ms Tri Mumpuni, Executive Director & Founder, IBEKA Foundation

Trapped wind? Unleashing the power of wind in Southeast Asia

  • Wind power potential and commercial viability in Southeast Asia
  • Choosing optimum locations with high wind speeds, ease of access to grid and customer absorption
  • Implementation of FiT scheme for wind power projects
  • Project financing and development strategies
Mr Edgare Kerkwijk, Managing Director, Asia Green Capital

The economics of batteries: drivers of adoption and policy implications

  • Key drivers of the economics of battery adoption for typical residential customers
  • Network benefits of battery storage
  • Emerging challenge for policy makers and utilities resulting from battery adoption
Mr Andrew Harpham, Consultant, Frontier Economics

ASEAN grid connectivity: A game changer to strengthen investment climate & boost confidence of developers?

  • Roadmap and strategic plans for an inter-connecting grid in Southeast Asia
  • Seeing beyond the geo-political challenges to understand the economic benefits grid integration can deliver
  • Participation of the private sector to overcome regulatory, technical and financial challenges
Mr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Senior Energy Economist, Asean Centre for Energy

Integration of distributed renewable energy

  • Challenges for utilities and system operators during integration of renewable energy 
  • Operational and technical solutions to help integrate higher penetrations of wind and solar generation. 
  • Flexibility through institutional changes, operational practices, storage, demand-side flexibility, flexible generators, and other mechanisms
  • Communication and data processing requirement for efficient energy balance to support large scale distributed renewable energy
Mr Yogesh Kanna, Executive Manager (Power), DAR Engineering (Alfanar)

Networking luncheon




Panel: Outlook for coal-fired power investment in light of shifting investor priorities

  • Impact of Paris climate change talks 
  • Economic vs environmental sustainability?
  • Balancing coal exports with domestic power generation
  • Trends in coal power project financing: International, regional and local lenders
Moderator: Mr Mason Wallick, Managing Director, Infunde Capital
Mr David Gore, Managing Director, Energy Finance & Advisory, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale
Mr Ramli Ahmad, Managing Director, P.T. Asia Pacific Mining Resources
Mr Ben Lawson, Chief Operating Officer, Pt Sanaman Coal Indonesia
Mr Adrian Lembong, Chief Business Development Officer, P.T. Adaro Power

PNG Biomass - An integrated fuel supply and power generation biomass IPP investment in Papua New Guinea

  • Foundation Project recently signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the state-owned utility, PNG Power
  • A sustainably certified 15 – 30 MW woody plantation biomass-fuelled IPP near Lae, PNG’s largest and fastest growing industrial centre
  • Major regional sustainable power project with significant positive economic, social, environmental and reputational benefits for PNG and its investors
  • Owned 70% by PNG’s largest corporation and 30% by Aligned Energy (Operator, private renewable business)
  • Now seeking equity co-investors for foundation project and pipeline of related potential opportunities
Mr John Peacocke, Finance and Commercial Advisor, PNG Biomass

Opportunities in renewable energy in the Philippines

  • Overview of renewable energy development in the Philippines
  • Renewable energy investment opportunities
  • Securing government permits and licenses for renewable energy development
  • Benchmarking against and learning from other ASEAN neighbours
Mr Carlos Jose Periquet Gatmaitan, President & Chief Executive Officer, PNOC Renewables Corporation (PNOC-RC)

Potential, challenges, and support mechanisms for renewable energy development in Vietnam

  • Potential of wind and other RE in Vietnam
  • Renewable energy development Master Plan & orientation
  • Electricity price for RE
  • Difficulties in system operation with high penetration of RE
  • Support mechanisms from the government and other RE developed countries
Mr Dao Ngoc Long, Engineer, Power System Analysis & Planning Department, National Load Dispatch, Electricity Of Vietnam

Revisiting coal-fired power generation: Does Indonesia have the right type of coal?

  • Quality of Indonesia’s coal resources used for power generation
  • Strategy of coal usage between exports and domestic power generation
  • Regulatory provisions for coal exports
Mr Adrian Lembong, Chief Business Development Officer, P.T. Adaro Power

REIDS - Systems & technologies for a sustainable & affordable energy access-for-all in Southeast Asia

  • Case study of Singapore-based large hybrid microgrid which tests and demonstrates the integration of solar, wind, tidal, diesel, storage and power-to-gas technologies, and ensure these energy sources operate well together
  • Meeting the need for electrification of hundreds or thousands of islands in the Southeast Asian region that are not connected to the main power grid because they serve as independent energy sources for off-grid and island communities.
  • Paving the way towards sustainable multi-activity off-grid communities
Ms Martha Loleit, Business Development Manager, Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Singapore - REIDS, Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University

Fire Side Chat: Optimisation of coal-fired power plants through effective operations and maintenance

  • Proper and regular training of O&M staff to improve their skills
  • Optimisation of spare parts management with minimum cost to minimise equipment down time
  • Preventive maintenance and plant modification system to increase the reliability and availability of plant
  • Ongoing plant optimisation to improve plant thermal efficiency
  • Upholding health, safety and environment requirements
Mr Agus Mulyana, Head of Corporate QSHE and Security, PT. Medco Power Indonesia
Mr Ravi Govil, Project Management Consultant & Technical Advisor, PT Central Java Power

Fire-side chat: The practicalities of using hydro power to provide energy supply to remote communities

  • Lowering costs in providing hydro power to remote communities not connected to the national grid
  • Identifying potential sites for new hydro power development
  • Embarking on mini-hydro projects
  • Overcoming project development issues – regulations, assessments, feasibility studies, licensing, PPA & project financing
Ms Tri Mumpuni, Executive Director & Founder, IBEKA Foundation
Mr Mike Wootton, Chief Executive Officer, Langogan Power

Afternoon refreshments


Interactive Roundtables


Chairman’s closing remarks


Networking cocktail

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