Jeff Miller | Chief Executive Officer
Grovest Venture Capital Company (Pty) Ltd.

Jeff Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Grovest Venture Capital Company (Pty) Ltd.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 12:00

Long-term investing in an environment of disruptive change

  •     What are the key long-term challenges for African power as an asset class?
  •     Deal structuring in a world of disruptive technology and innovation
  •     Matching shifting investor risk appetites
  •     Defining future fund models: What’s the optimal fund structure and terms? 

VIP Conference Day 2 @ 14:20

The YieldCo boom and bust: The return to normalcy

  •     A deeper look into Yieldco structuring
  •     The YieldCo model is not broken. But investor expectations have changed
  •     Pulling out the ATM cards
  •     Where to next? 

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