Teck Jack Tan | Chairman And Medical Director
Northeast Medical Group | Singapore

Teck Jack Tan, Chairman And Medical Director, Northeast Medical Group

Dr Tan is the founding director of Northeast Medical Group. After graduating from University of Melbourne in 1995, he obtained postgraduate qualifications in Dermatology, Occupational Medicine and in Public Health. Alongside clinical work, he oversees a group of medical clinics, a specialist centre and a pharmaceutical-logistics & management company. His other involvements extend into the med-tech industry and government-linked projects.

Outside of work, he advises various clinical, research and ethics committees in the Ministry of Health, public hospitals, medical schools and a co-operative. Passionate about Public Health, he contributes regularly to education events, radio and TV interviews; and offers his time to a nursing home and a crisis-relief organisation.


Phar-East Day 2 @ 09:40

Pharma 4:0 Digital disruption: New players, new opportunities

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