Solomon Alva | Antibody Purification Group Head, Senior Scientific Manager
Biocon Limited | India

Solomon Alva, Antibody Purification Group Head, Senior Scientific Manager, Biocon Limited

Solomon leads the Antibody Purification Laboratory at Biocon Limited. He has over 10 years of experience in Novel and Biosimilar Biologics development. 
He is a subject matter expert in bioseparation technologies, and has extensive experience in the life-cycle management of product development - from early development to regulatory filing. He has been instrumental in developing the purification platform approach for biosimilar mAbs at Biocon and for Biocons multiple regulatory filings in India and globally . 

Solomon has a proven expertise in alliance management, leading multiple cross-functional initiatives with co-development partners and steering academic-industry collaboration projects for Biocon. He is an accomplished team manager leading a group of 25+ team members with PhDs and post-graduate degrees in engineering and science. 
Solomon has completed an Executive General Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, and is an Masters in Science (MSc.) from Bangalore University. 
He is an avid trekker and loves his treks to the Himalayas. If he’s not trekking he enjoys scuba diving at the Andamans. He plays club football in Bangalore.


Phar-East Day One @ 16:00

Manufacturing strategies for Biosimilars: A case of continuous capture

  • A case study of continuous capture process development
  • Key strategies in moving from batch to a continuous process
  • Integrating continuous cell culture and purification

Phar-East Day One @ 16:40

What’s next in greener, more efficient biomanufacturing?

After years of discussion, the industry is moving from traditional stainless steel based production to single use, continuous processing. In this exciting time, what is the next innovation which we can expect to create greener, more efficient methods for biologics production? 

Phar-East Day Two @ 10:50

Chair's Opening Remarks

Phar-East Day Two @ 12:00

Combined Q&A Panel

Moderated by Chairman of the track

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