Seokjoong Kim | Director And Head Of Business Development
Toolgen | Republic Of Korea

Seokjoong Kim, Director And Head Of Business Development, Toolgen

Dr. Seokjoong Kim is an experienced molecular biologist in the field of programmable nuclease development and genome editing technology. Following his Ph.D. studies in the laboratory of Prof. Thomas Boyer at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dr. Kim joined the group of Prof. Jin-Soo Kim at Seoul National University as a postdoctoral researcher where he experienced the development of zinc finger nucleases and TAL effector nucleases. Since 2010, Dr. Kim is leading research and business development of ToolGen, Inc., a Korean biotech focusing on the translation of genome editing technology into valuable products in the field of therapeutics.


Phar-East Day 2 @ 12:20

Gearing up for a clinic with CRISPR technology: New strategies

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