Sean Hsiao | Vice President
Top Taiwan Venture Capital | Taiwan

Sean Hsiao, Vice President, Top Taiwan Venture Capital

Chungliang Hsiao is the vice president of Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group, and is based in Taiwan. He is responsible for looking for and investing in unconventional companies in these following key areas:health informatics, machine vision, smart clothing, light disinfect and cure, prosthetics, artificial retinas, drug delivery, genomics and smarter cancer care in healthcare—purpose-driven companies that will transform the industries. Before he joined TTVCG, He co-founded SENS Environment Inc. in Shanghai, where he focused on business development in remediation of soil and underwater market in China. Previously, he worked with Entire’s sales team focusing on business development of new products in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan market.
At the beginning of his career, he worked with Credit and Research team of China Development Industrial Bank working on in-depth company and industry research, financial analyses and models, client interviews to conduct due diligence investigations of client companies, identify potential markets and market trends in Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

He always has a passion for the cutting edge of technology and the frontiers of the unknown. He has an MBA from the National Chengchi University Graduate School of Business and BS of the NTU in Taiwan, majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is also a sports fan, he loves triathlon, snowboarding and softball


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