Richard Hopkins | Research Director
Tessa Therapeutics | Singapore

Richard Hopkins, Research Director, Tessa Therapeutics

Dr Richard Hopkins is Research Director of the R&D Department of Tessa Therapeutics. He has a long standing interest in human viral pathogens and the application of immunotherapy in combating these diseases. He obtained his PhD at Oxford University, investigating the application of recombinant bacterial and viral vectors in HIV vaccination and prophylaxis. Following his PhD, Dr Hopkins did his post-doctoral work at John Connolly's laboratory at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, pursuing diverse topics including human primary immunodeficiencies, and biomarker discovery in clinical trials. Dr Hopkins joined Tessa Therapeutics as a Senior Research Scientist in 2016, continuing his work in biomarker discovery for Tessa's clinical trials. He is involved in the development of immunotherapeutic preclinical models and clinical trials for glioblastoma multiforme, melanoma and breast cancer. Together with his team of researchers, he ensures continued successful development of Tessa's R&D pipeline.


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