Qun Wang | Director, R&D
Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd | China

Qun Wang, Director, R&D, Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd

Dr. Wang Qun is the Director of R&D and Board of Directors in 3 subsidiaries of  Changsheng Bio-Technology Co. Ltd(Changsheng company), one of the top three listed biopharma companies in China. Changsheng has state of the art production sites, R&D center and GMP complianced QC department. The company's primary products are Rabies Vaccine (Vero Cell) for Human Use, Freeze-dried Varicella Vaccine(Live), Freeze-dried Hepatitis A (Live) Vaccine, Freeze-dried Influenza Vaccine(Split), Diphtheria Tetanus and A cellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine, Group A+C Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine, Group A+C+W135+Y Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine and more.

Dr. Wang has 25  years of R&D experience, particularly in vaccine, recombinant protein drug, monoclonal antibody and other biological products. His current responsibilities include overseeing of research in recombinant IL-1ra, recombinant HPV vaccine, Zika vaccine and Adalimumab monoclonal antibody biosimilar drugs. In addition, he is also responsible for collaboration, joint venture and investment projects with MNCs, scientific research institutions and renowned universities from both domestic and international levels. Currently Dr wang is overseeing the construction of the company's  9 new production, QC sites at Lianyungang city, China to prepare the company's product in attaining WHO Prequalification status.

Dr Wang completed his MD from Changchun Institute of BIological products before completed his Ph.D at the Chinese Academy of Science, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. Prior to his employment with Changchun Changsheng Biotech, Dr. Wang worked in college of pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 4 years and Changchun Institute of Biological Products for 7 years.

Dr. Wang is also a member of expert storehouse in Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province and the Science and the member of expert storehouse in Technology Bureau of Changchun city. He holds 4 patents and expecting 2 more to be authorised.


Phar-East Day One @ 14:20

Case study: Development of inactivated Zika Vaccine from vero cell

  •     Overcoming challenges caused by the limited knowledge on the zika virus structure, virulent factors, and replication mechanism in its vaccine development.
  •     Updates on Changsheng Life Sciences effort in developing Zika vaccines
  •     Strategies in evaluation of vaccine efficacy and future plans moving forward

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