Mike Zhang | CEO
Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. | China

Mike Zhang, CEO, Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.


Phar-East Day One @ 09:40

The Macro View: What will it take for Asia’s biotech industry to really flourish?

Everyone knows it is too generic to classify all Asian countries in a single category. With the exception of China and India, the remaining part of Asia is complicated, fragmented and diversified. With growing GDPs and middle class populations, the potential of Asia’s biotech industry is undeniable in the eye of global leaders. The main question is, how can government and related stakeholders assist the biotech industry to flourish to provide more affordable, personalised medicine for its populations? How do countries move away from a “me-too” to “me-first” mentality, especially when it comes to pharma R&D?

Phar-East Day One @ 14:40

Challenges, innovations and opportunities in Chinese state owned vaccines company: A case study on Chengda Biotech

  •     Challenges in operating state owned vaccines company in China
  •     Key strategies forward
  •     Partnering opportunities available 

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