Lei Xiao | Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer
Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Company | China

Lei Xiao, Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Company

Dr Lei Xiao is the Chairman and CSO of Innovative Cellular Therapeutics (ICT). Founded in August 2009, ICT is positioned to become a global leader in cell therapy and committed to improving human health through vigorous scientific & technological innovation.

Dr Xiao has been a researcher in the study of human embryonic stem cell for nearly 20 years. He was previously a principal investigator at Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (October 2005-September 2010), director at Cell Bank of Chinese Academy of Sciences (January 2007-September 2010), and most recently Professor at Zhejiang University (October 2010-2015). Dr Xiao and team was the first in China to have established a successful iPSC line, later using the same concept to clone the first genetically modified pig in the world. Recently inspired by the tremendous potential of CAR-T, his team conducted clinical trials to study safety and efficacy of autologous CD19 targeted CAR-T cells, which later show great success where 83% of patients received SDS-19CAR-T has achieved complete remission (CR) while 80% of the patients achieved MRD negative between Day7-14 after CD19 CART cell infusion.

He completed his Bachelor of Science from Wuhan University before taking a PhD course in Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Later he completed his second PhD in Munich University and did his post doctorate fellowship at John Hopkins University.


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What’s next after CAR-T in Leukaemia treatment?

CAR-T cell therapy is a combination of cell, gene and immunotherapy and it is finally here, to serve as an alternative cancer treatment. Starting with Leukaemia, CAR-T has been tested on solid tumours, genetic diseases and more. What’s Asia role in the CAR-T I-O field and how do we keep up with global trends?

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