Kenji Kakuta | President and Chief Executive Officer
iHeart Japan Co., Ltd. | Japan

Kenji Kakuta, President and Chief Executive Officer, iHeart Japan Co., Ltd.

Mr Kenji Kakuta is currently managing a biotechnology venture company which develops cell-drugs and research tools derived from iPS cells. He has approximately 8-years of  venture capital investment experience in bio-tech, med-tech, and healthcare services in Japan, North America, Western Europe, Israel, Singapore, China, and Brazil. Some companies which he has invested include NanoCarrier (TSE: 4571), Japan Tissue Engineering (JASDAQ: 7774), CanBas (TSE: 4575), CellSeed (JASDAQ: 7776), Gene Techno Science (TSE: 4584), UMN Phama (TSE: 4585), Oncolys BioPharma (TSE: 4588)m S*BIO, which sold its 3 drug candidates to 3 respective NASDAQ-listed bio-tech companies for USD 259MM in total milestone payments and more.

Prior to venture capital industry, Mr Kakuta started his professional career in 2002 at Product Research, R&D division of Proctor & Gamble Far East Inc. (currently known as “Procter & Gamble Japan K.K.”). He holds a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science from Kyoto University.


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