Kazuo Suzuki | Professor, Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control
Teikyo University | Japan

Kazuo Suzuki, Professor, Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control, Teikyo University

Kazuo Suzuki is the Professor at the Department of Health Protection, Graduate School of Medicine. Professor Suzuki completed his Bachelor of Science, Master in Science and PhD in Tokyo Metropolitan University. He has worked as a Research Assistant at National Institute of Nutrition, Tokyo (1977-79), a Research Associate at Radiation Effect Research Foundation, Hiroshima (1979-86) before becoming the Chief of Biodefense Laboratory  at the Department of Bioactive Molecules, National Institute of Infectious Disease (Formerly known as theNational Institute of Health-Tokyo) from 1986 to 2007. Professor Suzuki also joined International Medical Center of Japan as its Senior Researcher from 2006 to 2007 before his tenure with China University Graduate School of Medicine (2007-2012) and Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The University of Tokyo till 2012.

Professor Suzuki main research interest are Infectious disease Control and Anti-neutrophil antibody (MPO-ANCA) related to immune diseases. Some areas of his studies include drugs for Influenza virus and related diseases, mechanisms of severe pneumoniae induced with influenza virus infection , International member for clinical trials and basic sciences, MPO-ANCA associated vasculitis: A new Anti-moesin finding and Epitopes and the development of anti-body drug for vasculitis.


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