Karen Tseng | CEO
Bio Preventive Medicine | Taiwan

Karen Tseng, CEO, Bio Preventive Medicine

Dr.Tseng founded Bio Preventive Medicine Corp. (BPM) with more than 20 years of biomedical research experiences and leadership in Taiwan and US. BPM is an innovative and clinical-staged biotech company, focusing on developing novel biomarker-based diagnostic products. She previously served as Head of a National Biomarker research Program and Deputy General Director of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories at ITRI, in Taiwan. She has started developing biomarkers since she worked at National Cancer Institute, NIH, in US. Dr. Tseng received her doctoral fellowship training in molecular biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in New York, US. She is the inventor of a series patents in biomarker area, including biomarkers for detecting diabetes complication, auto-immune disease, renal disease, liver fibrosis and cancer. She also hold a M.B.A from Commerce  College from the National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan.



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