Junghee Lim | Managing Director
Intervest | Republic Of Korea

Junghee Lim, Managing Director, Intervest

Junghee Lim has been at Intervest since 2005 and has been actively investing in companies focusing on novel drug development, digital healthcare and innovative medical devices. He manages 100 million dollars "Intervest Global Pharma Fund" and 51 million dollars "SEMA Intervest Fund", covering bioventures from early to late stage.

Junghee started his venture capitalist career at KTBnetwork in 2000 and joined ISUABXIS, a biosimilar pharmaceutical company from 2003 to 2005. He has a big interest in innovative technology and focused on early stage investment recently.

Junghee received a Master of Science degree in Immunology from the Yonsei University at Seoul.


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