John Connolly | Chief Scientific Officer
Tessa Therapeutics | Singapore

John Connolly, Chief Scientific Officer, Tessa Therapeutics

Dr. Connolly has 20 years of research experience in immunotherapy and is a recognized world leader in the field of deep immune monitoring. In addition to his role as the Chief Scientific Officer of Tessa, Dr. Connolly is also a Senior Principal Investigator and Director for Translational Immunology at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Immunology at Baylor University and the National University of Singapore. Previously, Dr. Connolly was the Director of Research Initiatives at the Baylor Research Institute and a member of the faculty at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research, a fully translational center dedicated to rationally designed vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases. He was involved in the development of immunotherapeutic preclinical models and clinical trials for glioblastoma multiforme, melanoma and breast cancer. Dr. Connolly received his Ph.D. in Immunology from Dartmouth Medical School and is also on the editorial and review panels for numerous scientific journals. He has published more than 75 papers and chapters in peer-reviewed journals.


Phar-East Day One @ 09:20

Fostering biotech and bio-entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (SEA): How do we build the next biotech unicorn in SEA?

Southeast Asia is a geographically diverse region diverse lifestyles and traditions. The majority of SEA countries are still in developing stages and R&D intensive industries are not a priority compared to industries that rapidly close the income gap between the rich and the needy. Nonetheless, we are beginning to see a thriving biotech landscape offering innovative solutions. What needs to be done to help these promising companies fully realise their potential? How can the region come together to support the biotech industry, and build a biotech unicorn? 

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