Ivor Lim | Founding Director & Group Chief Medical Officer
Cellresearch Corporation | Singapore

Ivor Lim, Founding Director & Group Chief Medical Officer, Cellresearch Corporation


Phar-East Day Two @ 09:50

Working with increasingly informed and empowered patients in the digital ageEducated guesses, lofty aspirations, hard realities

Ideas are free and to be able to catch one by the wings and bring it back to ground is a wonderful feeling indeed. For doctors, the next step is to bring this good idea into the wards for the patient’s benefit. The transition of bench research to bedside application seems very straightforward at first glance, but it is not until the first steps are taken that one realises the numerous hurdles that have to be surmounted in order to achieve this. In the best interests of the patient, this translational sequence is prescriptive and tedious, and yet it pays no heed to other essentials crucial for the translational effort to be truly successful. This presentation also shares the journey of CellResearch Corporation which 13 years to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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