Hui Hsing Ma | Senior Advisor
TVM Capital Healthcare Partners | Germany

Hui Hsing Ma, Senior Advisor, TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

Hui Hsing Ma has worked with TVM Capital Group since 2004 in various roles of Advisor, Venture Partner and General Partner for East Asia with TVM Life Sciences venture capital team. She is currently a Senior Advisor for Southeast Asia with the TVM Healthcare private equity firm. She brings over 15 years of healthcare investment and advisory experience, starting in 2000 as Senior Vice President, at the Temasek VC firm, Vertex Ventures, where she co-led their healthcare investments in US and European companies and funds.

Prior to 2000, Hui Hsing has over 14 years of global corporate finance and general management experience, primarily with BNP Paribas, General Electric (USA) and Morgan Grenfell. She holds a MSc in Biotechnology from the Johns Hopkins University, USA, a MBA from Manchester Business School, UK and a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore.


Biotech Bootcamp @ 12:00

Breakout group discussion 1

Attendees to break into group of 3-4 each discussing on a specific topic for 25 minutes. Each group will be given 5 minutes to present on 3 key learning from the brainstorm session.

Topic 1: Beyond creativity: Systematic approach to build a successful business
Hardy Chan, Chairman & President of Allianz Pharmascience, Co-founder and senior advisor of ScinoPharm, Taiwan

Topic 2: Innovation process in product development and company building
Shwen Gwee, Head of Digital Strategy, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen, USA

Topic 3: Essential ingredients and options in funding the business
Hui Hsing Ma, Senior Deal Advisor, SEA, TVM Capital Healthcare, Singapore

Topic 4: Building the right partnership to accelerate, de-risk and sustain business relationship
Bien Kiat Tan, Founder, Titan Capital, Singapore

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