George Kopsidas | Executive Director
Imunexus | Australia

George Kopsidas, Executive Director, Imunexus

Dr Kopsidas has over 18 years experience in protein and antibody drug engineering, 5 years in the fields of molecular ageing and mitochondrial diseases where he held a position on the editorial board for the Bio-Gerontology Journal, and over 10 years elucidating the mechanisms of DNA repair. He had senior lecturing roles at RMIT and La Trobe Universities and held a Research Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health USA (NIH).  He held senior roles in the commercial sector including the Senior Scientist with the Centre for Molecular Biology and Medicine, the Director of Protein Technologies at Evogenix Ltd, and the Vice President of Protein Technologies at both Arana Therapeutics and Cephalon. He has multiple international publications, holds patents with Evogenix Ltd, Arana Therapeutics and Cephalon, and joint patents with GlaxoSmithKline, TeVa Pharmaceuticals and Vegenics. He has developed 26 potential therapeutic products including for CSL, GSK, Vegenics, Domantis, Viventia and Teva.  He also founded Melicept Pty Ltd, which consulted around therapeutics and biotechnology, developed strategic business plans, and performed due diligence on accessible IP around platforms for novel therapeutic approaches.  Most recently, he founded Imunexus Ltd where he took on the roles of Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer.


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When two readily becomes one: Opportunities in bispecific antibodies

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