Edith Jasny | Senior Scientist
Cure Vac | Germany

Edith Jasny, Senior Scientist, Cure Vac

Dr. Edith Jasny works as a senior scientist at the CureVac AG where she is involved in the development of mRNA-based prophylactic vaccines. She has been trained as a postdoc at the Population Council, New York where her work focused on the impact of co-pathogens on HIV transmission and new immunomodulatory strategies to boost immunity in HIV infection. She performed her doctoral thesis at Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene, Charité University Medicine in Berlin researching the role of IL-12 in the induction of adaptive immune responses and exploring strategies to improve vaccination through modulation of dendritic cells by adjuvants. She joined CureVac in 2012 and is project leader on several research projects for the development of mRNA based vaccines against infectious diseases. Her scientific expertise includes immunology, infectious diseases, vaccines and adjuvants.


Phar-East Day Two @ 11:10

Preventing infectious diseases with nucleic acid based vaccines

  • Cost effective synthesis of DNA vaccines to prevent infectious diseases
  • Using naked DNA and plasmid to induce protective immune response
  • Delivery of gene encoding vaccine antigens to stimulate infectious disease prevention
  • Vaccine design in providing rapid response time to emerging pandemics

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