Carolyn Ng | Vice President
Vertex Ventures | Singapore

Carolyn Ng, Vice President, Vertex Ventures

Dr. Carolyn Ng is Principal of Vertex Ventures HC, the venture capital arm of Temasek Holdings specializing in early stage life sciences investments globally. At Vertex, Dr. Ng is responsible for evaluating and driving venture investments across biotechnology, medical devices and health technology fields. Oncology scientist by background, Dr. Ng is passionate about innovation that impacts patients’ lives. She plays an active role in facilitating cross border collaborations between US healthcare portfolio companies and Asia. In Singapore, Dr. Ng works closely with entrepreneurs, community leaders, life science corporations, and government bodies in shaping the healthcare startup ecosystem. She currently serves as a board observer for Bicycle Therapeutics, Visterra, Earlens and Nuvaira. Prior to joining Vertex, Carolyn was a Strategy Consultant at Deallus Consulting, a specialized London-headquartered life sciences consulting firm with clientele comprised of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies. 
Carolyn Ng holds a PhD in Cancer Molecular Biology from the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Technology (NGS), where she was a recipient of the prestigious NGS PhD Scholarship. During her academic career, she was a co-inventor and patent holder of a novel small molecule nuclear receptor activator indicated for the treatment of neuroblastoma. She also holds a BS (Pharmacy) (First Class Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore.


Phar-East Day One @ 09:00

Venture capital funding for the biotech industry

It takes millions of dollars to transform an innovative idea to a commercially viable pharma product. Especially in developing countries where the government has other more important healthcare priorities, the role of the VC becomes even more crucial and necessary for early stage biotech company and its success. Find out how venture capitalists can tap on knowledge learnt from more established biotech ecosystem and apply these lessons in Asia. 

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