Benjamin Petsch | Head of Vaccines
CureVac Gmbh | Germany

Benjamin Petsch, Head of Vaccines, CureVac Gmbh

Dr. Benjamin Petsch, Head of Vaccines, trained in biology at the University of Munich. He performed his doctoral thesis at the Federal Research Institute of Animal Health at the Institute of Immunology. His scientific expertise included immunology, cell biology, viral diseases and infectious disease models. He has worked with RNActive® vaccines for infectious diseases since 2008 and joined CureVac in 2010. He is an inventor on multiple patents related to vaccination using mRNA and is joint first author on a publication of RNActive® vaccination protecting against Influenza. He is a project leader on multiple research projects for the development of RNActive® vaccines against several infectious diseases including projects with international project teams.


Phar-East Day Two @ 15:15

mRNA based vaccines to prevent infectious diseases

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  •     Cost effective synthesis of mRNA vaccines to prevent infectious diseases
  •     Using naked mRNA and plasmid to induce protective immune response
  •     Delivery of gene encoding vaccine antigens to stimulate infectious disease prevention
  •     Vaccine design in providing rapid response time to emerging pandemics

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