Bandana Sharan | President, Director, Research
APAC Biotech | India

Bandana Sharan, President, Director, Research, APAC Biotech

Bandana Sharan is the President and Director Research of APAC Biotech. Currently Bandana and her team is working on Immunotherapy (Dendritic cell therapy) for Solid Tumors. Together they have conducted a trial on Dendritic PAN India on Dendritic Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors, the Indian FDA has approved the company to also provide dendritic cell therapy for cancer patients in the country. 

Prior to APAC Biotech, Bandana was a visiting faculty and lab consultant for Microbiology, Indraprastha Dental Coll. She has completed her PhD studies in Microbiology from the Department of  Biological Sciences from R.D University, Jabalpur in 2006.


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Dendritic cell vaccines in Asia: The first CDSCO approved Indian dendritic cell cancer immunotherapy

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