Ayan Dey | Scientist
International Vaccine Institute | Republic Of Korea

Ayan Dey, Scientist, International Vaccine Institute

Dr. Ayan Dey, Ph.D., work as Research Scientist at International Vaccine Institute since 2010. His role is to support the institute research activities in laboratory research by developing viral vaccine production platform and assessing the nature and intensity of immune responses induced by candidate vaccines. He is trained as a microbiologist with specialization in immunology and infectious disease research. He has done his Ph.D on the "development of chimeric DNA vaccine against Leishmaniasis and Tuberculosis", from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. The molecule developed got patented. After completion of his Ph.D he joined as scientist in a pharmaceutical organization (Panacea Biotec Ltd) in India and worked on important vaccine projects on development of swine flu vaccine (H1N1) and candidate chimeric tetravalent vaccine against Dengue subtypes. At IVI his key scientific achievements lie in enteric and diarrhoeal infections and vaccines including Polio and Rotavirus. Additional he is working on development of process for inactivated Hepatitis and Zika vaccine antigens. Intensive research has been carried out in the field of enteric diseases specifically in the areas of immunology, diagnostics and vaccine development. His laboratory and field-based research has involved active collaborations with co-workers in the USA, France, Switzerland, India and Bangladesh.
Dr. Dey is also investigator in Gates funded project on underperformance of oral polio and rotavirus vaccines. He published several article in Peer Reviewed Journal and have presented in various international and national symposium. He also received travel award from Gates Foundation twice for presenting his work.


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